Hooked on Leadership

Want to learn how to develop certainty, presence and sense of service in your leadership, so that you and your team can be more productive and consistently produce better results?

The four mistakes people make when choosing a leadership course:

  1. Choose a safe, boring classroom option to satisfy the need for certainty. Don’t fall for this – the learning happens outside your comfort zone.
  2. Choose lame exercises which try to drive excitement and engagement. Cringe! We get real and raw, placing you in safe and supportive situations where your default leadership patterns can be discovered and improved, on the spot with instant feedback.
  3. Choose a course which gives lots of knowledge but no implementation. At Hooked on Leadership, you implement your learning immediately and get instant feedback on how you’re doing.
  4. Choose a course that teaches how to ‘do’ the management stuff. At Hooked on Leadership, we know that the mechanics of management is not what you’re here to learn. We focus on the states of certainty, presence and service so you can ‘be’ a better a leader for yourself and your team.

To find out more about the Hooked on Leadership program call us today at: 0467 727 107 or email: angela@equenti.com

How Equenti helps you

We are different because we:

  • Immediately put your team in a position where they have to become a better version of themselves, right there on the spot in a safe but unfamiliar environment
  • Work with horses, practising challenging leadership exercises in a fun and engaging manner
  • Give on-the-spot feedback so you can learn, refine and implement as you go
  • Focus on state management (your internal thinking) so you can then embed congruent behaviours (your external actions)
  • Develop your presence – how you turn up to your team, not what you do to your team
  • Take you outside your work environment to a little piece of sanctuary, and welcome you with country style hospitality.

To book a Hooked on Leadership program or to find out more, call us today at: 0467 727 107 or email: angela@equenti.com