Leadership Coaching

At Equenti, we believe that creating diverse cultures, successful teams and engaged employees, all starts with you. Through self awareness and self leadership you will learn how to manage yourself in both certain and uncertain situations; how to manage your emotional state and how to bring the very best of yourself to your team every day, and enjoy success together.

Our goal is to help successful people achieve a higher level of personal and professional success as a leader. Angela will work with you to challenge your thinking and behaviour, enhance your strengths and help you overcome barriers that are holding you – and therefore also your team – back. You will learn how to BE a great leader, step up and show up to your teams every day and be more responsible and successful.

It all starts with you. Are you ready?

Together, we can help you achieve:

  • A more effective leadership style
  • Improved interpersonal communication skills
  • Self awareness
  • Effective staff development techniques
  • Develop a team of people who are proud and happy to be at work each day
  • FUN at work, both in your role as a leader and with your team

Lead yourself well and everything will fall into place – Angela Koning.

“I was lucky enough to undertake leadership and management training with Angela through my workplace. I had just stepped up into an acting managerial role with no previous management experience and was very unsure of how to go from a clinician to a manager. Through Angela’s fantastic coaching and advice I was able to go from a complete novice in management to six months later feeling confident in leading my team and setting standards to ensure service growth and quality outcomes. Angela’s manner and approach is so accessible and her advice/strategies are so practical you can take them straight to your workplace and implement them with ease. I leave the coaching experience with Angela a more confident and well rounded leader and have tapped into skills I didn’t think I possessed. This professional development has flowed into my personal life and I am now a more confident self-assured person who has finally stopped listening to that nagging negative voice in his head and is ready to take on whatever work or life brings. Thank you, Angela.”

Ryan Day, Acting Allied Health Manager, Uniting Care Health

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Workplace Facilitation & Training

At Equenti, we don’t focus on ‘one size fits all’ leadership training, we create a custom program and strategy for you and your team based on your individual needs. Our bespoke programs are designed to make you feel differently, think differently and implement what we teach you straight away, now and for the future.

Our training programs include: workshops and learning facilitation in the classroom and boardroom at your business, plus team building training and culture development workshops.

Our leadership programs are designed for leaders who are experiencing the following:

  • You know you could be leading yourself better personally and professionally, but don’t know where to start
  • You’re struggling to stay focussed and on track to achieve your goals
  • Your team’s results are poor and inconsistent
  • You find managing your team uncomfortable and unnatural
  • Your team are disengaged and not coming to you for support
  • You’re not sure how to leverage your strengths and the strengths of your team

In the last 20 years, Angela has facilitated workshops and trained organisations in the areas of HR, management and leadership consulting focussing on:

  • Leadership development
  • Team building and effectiveness
  • Culture change
  • People engagement

“I loved how the workshop tested me and pushed me so far out of my comfort zone. It was challenging, fun and engaging and taught me more than any other leadership program I have been on. I highly recommend the program to anyone in a leadership role.”

Suzanne Naughton, Organisational Development Manager, Fraser Coast Regional Council

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Outdoor Team Building Programs

Our team building and culture development programs offer a unique and effective alternative to old-school, boardroom presentation-style training methods that we know don’t engage, empower or motivate people. We get you outside the four walls of your office and put you in an environment that requires and encourages fun learning and will see you really getting to understand and know your people on a whole new level. We guarantee you will go back to the office with a completely different mindset on how you can work with your team.

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In the last 20 years, Angela has facilitated workshops and trained organisations in the areas of HR, management and leadership consulting focussing on:

  • Leadership development
  • Team building and effectiveness
  • Culture change
  • People engagement

Angela believes that happy employees should be enthusiastic, engaged, inspired and confident and organisations should aim for their people to bring these qualities to work every day.

  • Great leaders must practise self-awareness and self-management every day, to make sure the values they speak about are actually the values they live – this honest and open approach helps to instil the same culture throughout the organisation. The job of a leader is to set and maintain behavioural standards in teams, so that a healthy culture can be built and people know what doing a good job looks like.
  • Teams benefit greatly from open, explicit conversations about culture, teamwork, standards and behavioural flexibility.
  • People most effectively learn about themselves, others and how to be effective in a team when they are having fun.


Keynote Speaking

Angela empowers leaders through uplifting presentations; speaking and sharing insights on her true purpose: self leadership and the impact that both improved self awareness and self management can have on our personal and professional lives. She is approachable, relatable and refreshing in her manner and presentation style. Reinforcing the belief that self awareness is the first step in achieving success in business and in life, and reminding us why people are the secret sauce to success in business.

Angela is most passionate about:

  • Giving leaders the skills and confidence to consistently next-level their performance
  • Helping teams with their ‘mojo’, so they can achieve high performance, leveraging diversity and a dynamic culture, whilst renewing passion for their work.

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