Become a Confident &

Capable Leader

We transform leaders and teams to drive improved

productivity, culture and performance.

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Become a Confident &

Capable Leader

We transform leaders and teams

to drive improved productivity,

culture and performance.

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Are you frustrated with…


Your team don't 'get' what you're trying to do and seem to have their own agendas. You know your business has greater potential - but you need to get your people on board, aligned and delivering at a high standard. It's time to act.


Despite your best intentions, you're not creating the right business conditions for your people to give their best. You're acutely aware that poor performance by a few people can reflect on the whole business. You're ready for solutions.


You're frustrated at business results and need help to turn things around. You know your people have the solutions, but they aren't happy or productive. You need new leadership skills to engage, develop and get results with your team. It's time to next-level your leadership.

The solution starts with us as leaders

We understand the frustration navigating less-than-ideal business culture and performance. But here’s the thing – and get ready for us to be completely honest with you – the real traction is not in changing others, it’s in bringing our own Leadership Mojo (or energy) to life. Yes, always – without fail – it starts with US and our self-awareness as leaders.

We believe it’s 100% a waste of time and energy for leaders to be burdened with people challenges when the solutions are so easy and accessible, especially with the right expertise on board. In just a few months, we can turn the people challenges in your business into massive opportunities to next-level your performance. Ready to play?

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Leadership Coaching

Would you like 1 on 1 coaching to next-level your leadership skills and rediscover your Leadership Mojo?

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Management Consulting

Would you like Equenti to work with your team to transform people performance, company culture and results?

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“I just want to say thank you for the valuable input you have had in my life over the last couple of years.

As a leader of people in the electricity industry I am often challenged – where there are people there are challenges.

But as I have been learning, the issue, for the most part, is not out there somewhere, or with some other personality to blame, but with myself. You have a real gift in being able to locate what is most important… or where the real answers lay, hidden within. You are not afraid to ask the difficult or sometimes confronting question, but that is what a coach should be like.

With the conversations we’ve had, along with the “real life” assignments you have encouraged me with, I am feeling better equipped as a leader. I am not sweating the small stuff as much and focussing more on what is important now. I see others for the most part in a different light, not as part of the problem but as part of the solution. As I change, I am acutely aware that others around me are influenced for the better – higher productivity, more willing to be involved, happier workplace.”

David PearceCS Energy

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