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Achieve better team outcomes

Realise powerful change in your life

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What is EQUENTI Leadership & Learning?

Discover how to take your leadership to the next level

The first of their kind in Australia, Equenti’s leadership and learning programs are designed with one thing in mind: to take your self-leadership and team results to the next level.

Equenti’s leadership and learning programs offer so much more than the average, old-school, conference-style training sessions. We combine new leadership thinking patterns with positive challenges and emotion so your learning experience actually sticks.

You will implement new self-leadership patterns immediately in the program and leave with your spirit and leadership performance boosted forever.

“I loved how the workshop tested me and pushed me so far out of my comfort zone. It was challenging, fun and engaging and taught me more than any other leadership program I have been on. I highly recommend the program to anyone in a leadership role.”

– Suzanne Naughton, Fraser Coast Regional Council

The EQUENTI programs

Hooked on Leadership

Ready to learn how to stop putting out fires and start leading with presence, certainty and service?
We make leading from a place of uncertainty history, as our world-class team of facilitators (human and equine!) teach you how to super-charge your self-leadership and productivity.

Hooked on Teams

Want to build a team of leaders who take initiative rather than waiting for you to pick up the pieces? Do you need your team building to deliver results immediately with learning that engages their heads and hearts?
Host your very own tailored Equenti Leadership and Learning program and get instant results with your team.

Hooked on Kids

Imagine your kids brimming with confidence, and learning responsibility, teamwork and leadership by connecting with these beautiful animals. These small but significant developmental steps can be life-changing your kids. Equenti’s Hooked on Kids equine-assisted learning programs are offered in group sessions, in schools and as personalised one-on-one sessions, exclusively on Queensland’s beautiful Fraser Coast.

Our Approach

At Equenti we believe that everyone can improve their self-leadership and that this one, hugely powerful change can immediately deliver higher team productivity, improve leadership performance and most importantly, create a better quality of life. We’ve only got one shot at this life and as leaders it’s up to us to make sure we’re kicking our goals every day.

Clients of Equenti know that fortune favours the bold. They are adventurous, open-minded and leaders of their own lives. They know that the best lessons come from the most unexpected places and events.

Clients of Equenti want transformational learning, rather than just tinkering at the edges. They have no time for old-school classroom training that is forgotten before they leave the room.

Clients of Equenti know that authentic leadership is mostly about ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. They have made a lifelong habit of overcoming their fears through service to others.

“I enjoyed the whole experience of working in a group session with others that were all here to improve themselves as leaders. The concept of working with the horses is a fantastic idea. Highly recommend this course to anyone.”

– De’Anne Stegert, All States Training

Making Positive Change

People who invest in improving their self-leadership make better leaders, colleagues,partners and parents. Equenti’s learning and leadership programs make the stress, fear and uncertainty of leadership dissolve and grow yourself-leadership so you can achieve your goals and get the best from your team.