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Ready to step

out of the shadows

and take charge

of your leadership


Feel confident, capable and

energised to move forward

in your management role

(Without leaving your current job,

changing careers or going back to

uni to start all over again…)


If you’re in frontline or middle management and don’t have much top-down support...

It’s likely you’re feeling overwhelmed and uninspired right now

  • You’re not being seen, heard, noticed, recognised or valued at work, which has you feeling disempowered and stuck with no end in sight
  • Your boss doesn’t seem interested in investing in your leadership development, but still expects you to manage your team’s complex needs and personalities
  • You’re getting swamped with day-to-day admin and putting out fires, so you can’t get to important work like making real improvements and changing team dynamics
  • You’re wondering whether to change careers, go back to that familiar dead-end job, or go back to uni to study something completely new…

If only you could get back to the reason you wanted this management role in the

first place.

You wanted to be seen and promoted for your strengths and contribution.

You wanted to back yourself and explore your passion.

You wanted to feel excited, knowing you’re doing work that lights you up every day.

You wanted to show up in a constructive, functional and effective leadership state for your team, so you could create real change.

But instead of feeling ‘lit up’, you feel boxed in.

What if you could back yourself to get the results you want AND start loving your work again?

The truth is that you don’t have to feel miserable and stuck between what you want and what you’ve got.

You can learn how to lead effectively in times of crisis. You can develop the internal fortitude to take a stand (even if it’s unpopular), build a coalition, become influential and create lasting positive change.

If you want to progress professionally in a leadership role, the FASTEST path is through leadership development.

But not just any leadership development.

You need something that focuses on where and how you feel ‘lit up’.

Because a LIT Leadership state means you can conquer anything in your path.

“I have more ‘mojo’ and energy to take on the most difficult situations”

Phillip Matha
Head of Operations Performance, Energy Sector

The impact both from a personal and professional viewpoint has been incredible over the last 12 months. Through the coaching, I’ve been able to approach problems at work in a different light, with more ‘mojo’ and energy to take on the most difficult situations.

Angela combines leadership theory with her insights and coaching questions. She helps you look inside yourself for the answers to what you’re actually trying to achieve, as both a leader and as an individual.

While this can sometimes be confronting and challenging, it has helped me to realise what I want to be as a leader. I now know how I can communicate better and work with my team to achieve better results.

That's why we've created

The Lit Leaders Intensive

A powerful online leadership development program for managers (and their key team members) who want to harness their leadership mojo using industry-proven strategies for success

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from 20 years’ experience of delivering powerful outside-the-box strategies and training to corporate leaders and teams. With it, I’ve created this 6-month coaching program for leaders like YOU.

It’s for leaders who are ready to own their responsibility to create real, positive change. Leaders who want to become better team players and people of influence in their organisations.

(Basically, if you’re waiting for your boss to do this for you, stop reading now – we’re not meant for each other.)

I’m here to reassure you that when you take personal accountability for the results you get, you’ll never look back.

It’s time to rise and take ownership of your own development.

The LIT Leaders Intensive

It isn’t about high-level (and let’s face it... bullshit) corporate or academic-speak

It’s about personal mastery for professional advancement

You’ll get practical, easy-to-implement strategies that you can take straight into your workplace.

And you’ll start to really understand YOURSELF and what motivates you as a leader.

Because you know that the secret sauce can’t be found in a textbook or a management handbook for that matter…

That’s why this program is tailored and free from academic, boring approaches. Let’s be honest: they’ve never truly created wins in a workplace full of real, live humans.


The Lit Leaders Intensive follows a 4-phase model

of transformation

Personalised for your unique leadership challenges, our proven coaching model and tested frameworks guide you on your self-leadership journey.


Learn how you’re wired, discover your default leadership behaviours and understand the impact they have on you and others


Become behaviourally flexible and maintain a constructive leadership state in any situation


Engage and align your team for consistent, next-level results, then celebrate your wins


Be an exemplary contributor to strategy development and execution across your organisation

“I’ve tapped into skills I didn’t think I possessed”

Ryan Day
Acting Allied Health Manager, Heathcare Sector

Through Angela’s fantastic coaching and advice, I went from a complete novice in management to, 6 months later, feeling confident in leading my team. I could set standards to ensure service growth and quality outcomes. Angela’s strategies are so practical that you can take them straight to your workplace and easily implement them.

I leave the coaching experience with Angela as a more confident, well-rounded leader and have tapped into skills I didn’t think I possessed.

As a LIT Leader you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how you’re wired as a leader and how to use that to your advantage in the workplace
  • Lead yourself to a higher level of performance so you can get amazing results from yourself and your team
  • Engage and align your team for up-levels that last – which means no more micromanaging!
  • Contribute to strategy development and execution in a way that gets you noticed
  • Take ownership of your leadership state, so you can rise as a leader who makes an impact wherever you go


Module 1:
Claim a growth mindset
[value: $1500]

Take charge of your experience at work, take full ownership, get noticed, make crucial decisions and become a MAGNETIC LEADER.

Module 2:
Know yourself as a leader
[value: $1500]

Tap into the power of BEHAVIOURAL PROFILING to understand yourself and your people better and nourish team relationships for improved results. Stop hiding behind masks and personas as you bring your authenticity to the fore and love your work again.

Module 3:
Master the drivers of human behaviour
[value: $1500]

Learn the CORE DRIVERS OF HUMAN BEHAVIOUR and how to leverage them to get the best out of yourself and your team. Easily deal with other people’s EMOTIONAL BEHAVIOURS without frustration, fear or avoidance of conflict.

Module 4:
Reclaim your leadership mojo
[value: $1500]

Did you know that your state of BEING influences others' responses and behaviours more than any one thing you can say or do? Claim your highest potential leadership energy, your LEADERSHIP MOJO. Tap into the power and potency of a Lit Leadership State.

Module 5:
Become a person of influence
[value: $1500]

Unlock your EXECUTIVE PRESENCE to become an influential reference point in your organisation with purpose and poise.

Module 6:
Reignite your role
[value: $1500]

Work into the highest value parts of your role to produce the highest quality impact, giving overwhelm the flick. STREAMLINE, AUTOMATE and DELEGATE your way out of operational churn and into your zone of genius.

Module 7:
Set your team up for success
[value: $1500]

Develop the ability to notice when team members are on or off track and help them refocus quickly, seamlessly and without conflict, setting them up for success and satisfaction.

Module 8:
Become a master mentor
[value: $1500]

Light up your team’s development trajectory through connection, to get more of what you DO want from your team and less of what you don’t want.

Module 9:
From expert to coach
[value: $1500]

Shift from a technical expert to a true leader who develops your team. Stop rescuing your team and develop their capability instead, as you empower their implementation.

Module 10:
Innovative leader
[value: $1500]

Become a powerful facilitator of innovative ideas and projects so your team are fully engaged and contributing.
Step into strategic leadership and put boundaries in place so you’re not dragged back into the day-to-day.

Module 11:
Become a change leader
[value: $1500]

Master high level change management approaches. This will allow your change processes to be effective and long lasting, mobilising people to embrace the new ways.

Module 12:
Leader unleashed
[value: $1500]

CONSOLIDATE, REFLECT, replicate your SUCCESSES and unlock the opportunities you can now receive as a leader. Plan for ideal outcomes, and make it happen!


  • 12 x 1 hour Lit Leaders LESSONS [VALUE: $12,000]
  • 6 months’ membership in the LIT LEADERS INTENSIVE Q&A MASTERMIND group [VALUE: $6,000]
  • Full DIGITAL CURRICULUM with lifetime access [VALUE: $18,000]
  • Individual DiSC debrief to discover your behavioural profile [VALUE: $1,500]

That’s a total value of $37,500

 Your Investment = $4,500 + GST

Payment plan option also available

Imagine what work would be like if…

  • You felt LIT UP, clear and energised, and were moving forward in your role
  • You were taking initiative, doing what nobody else was and getting the results nobody else could
  • You were speaking up, being heard and having influence in your organisation
  • You were getting better results – your team was on fire!
  • You were stronger within yourself, more connected and better able to maintain strong professional relationships
  • You felt focused and aligned with strategy, guaranteeing massive positive impact
  • You could take the time to get the details right, while keeping sight of the big picture
  • You had a well-rounded team that worked together to create magic!

That's what's possible when

you become

a LIT Leader

“A leadership development journey unlike any other”

Cameron Collins
General Manager Finance, Energy Sector

I’ve been in leadership roles for several years, yet hadn’t specifically dedicated the required time on the leadership front. Angela encouraged me to invest time in having coaching-based discussions with my team. Thanks to her, I now have the skills and wisdom to understand that investing time for this with my team is incredibly beneficial.

Angela’s passion, personal attention and immense knowledge make her leadership development journey unlike any other leadership coaching on the market.

Let’s recap what you’re investing in:

The LIT Leaders Intensive, a powerful

leadership transformation

This intensive includes 12 modules with 6 months Q&A Mastermind access:
● 12 x 1-hour Lit Leaders LESSONS [VALUE: $12,000]
● Full DIGITAL CURRICULUM with lifetime access [VALUE: $18,000]
● 6 months’ membership in the LIT LEADERS INTENSIVE Q&A MASTERMIND group [VALUE: $6,000]
● Individual DiSC debrief to discover your behavioural profile [VALUE: $1,500]



Payment Plan
$2,000 + 3 x Payments of $1000 + GST

Pay upfront
$4,500 + GST

Angela Koning

So who am I to tell you how to develop your

leadership state?

Hi, I’m Angela Koning

And, I’m here to re-humanise the experience of work.

Because when we treat people like robots (or show up to work unengaged and uninspired), we hurt people, we hurt ourselves and we hurt business.

We disregard that flickering flame of unique potential in ourselves and in everyone we meet.

We’re here to rise as humans – to live into and serve from a place of our highest good.

I believe that this is the path to a full, rich and beautiful life.

It’s my mission, through programs like the LIT Leaders Intensive, to grow leaders who create better businesses by bringing ALL of their humanity, care and passion to work.

As an expert in leadership coaching, I combine deep personal development with corporate-values-led leadership development frameworks.

I work at the intersection of these two disciplines, like no other coach.

I deliver personalised, on-point, practical coaching that’s completely free from overly academic, boring approaches. Because those approaches have never truly created wins in a workplace full of real, live humans.

I’m also accredited in leadership, behaviour and organisational change tools such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Timeline Therapy, the Life Styles Inventory (LSI), Team Management Systems, DiSC Advanced and ProSci Change Management.

When I’m not working my magic with people and their organisations, I’m a regular leadership commentator for industry magazines and podcasts. That’s where I share my insights, tales and truths of leadership, life and business.

And if there’s one thing I absolutely know to be true it’s this:

If you want to be a powerful leader, better team player and person of influence in your organisation, it’s time to rise and take ownership of your own development.


“A game-changer for my leadership style”

Head of People & Culture, Energy Sector

When I began working with Angela, I felt like I’d plateaued in my leadership. I needed to take that next step forward to have a seat at the executive table. I needed to lift myself, but then correspondingly, I needed to lift my team as well.

The work I did with Angela was instrumental to achieving this goal. I learned how to reinforce my strengths, but also developed some self-awareness of opportunities, and started to acknowledge those opportunities. Angela helped me to learn that I needed to be kinder to myself. I had to let go of certain beliefs and to be confident that I’d be accepted for who I was at the table.

This was a real change in mindset for me, and a game-changer for my leadership style.

Leadership Consultant Brisbane

Apply today and book a free 1-hour call to make sure this is for you.

I realise that this is a big investment in your future, so you might want to get to know me a bit more first.

Click the button below and you’ll be able to book a free 1-hour call to see if the LIT Leaders Intensive is right for you.



Here are some questions people have asked before saying “Hell yes!” to becoming a LIT Leader

Q. How do I know if I’m ready for leadership coaching?

Not everyone’s ready for leadership coaching, and that’s totally okay. It’s not an easy journey, so you’ve got to really want it.

You know you’re ready for coaching if:

  • You’re tired of the results you’re getting, and you’re running out of inspiration or options to move forward
  • You’re ready to learn about yourself and others, and get new models and frameworks that will move your thinking and leadership forward
  • You’re okay with getting uncomfortable, because you know it’s an indicator of learning and growth
  • You’re prepared to do the work to implement – this isn’t a talk-fest, so if you’re not ready to do the work, you’re not ready for coaching (#sorrynotsorry)
  • You’re ready for compassionate support and new information to fuel your growth, because let’s face it: what you’ve already tried isn’t working

Q. I need help with our whole leadership team. Is this the best coaching package for that?

Great question! The LIT Leaders Intensive is for individual managers who are ready to take responsibility for their mindset and results in the workplace. That said, it’s also for:

  1. Organisation-wide leadership cohorts or leadership teams
  2. Cross-functional teams or project groups
  3. Individuals and teams who need support to step up during times of culture change or shifts in organisational strategy

Just click the  BOOK A CALL link  to book a time to chat, and I’ll walk you through how this intensive works for teams or projects

Q. Shouldn’t my company/employer be organising this?

The LIT Leaders Intensive is for managers who are ready to take responsibility for creating real change, and become better team players and people of influence in their organisations.

You can absolutely ask for a contribution from your employer, as this is high-level professional development. But if you’re waiting for your boss to organise this kind of leadership coaching for you, stop reading now – we’re not meant for each other.

Because if there’s one thing I absolutely know to be true it’s this….

If you want to be a powerful leader, it’s time to rise and take ownership of your own development. You won’t look back.


Payment Plan
$2,000 + 3 x Payments of $1000 + GST

Pay upfront
$4,500 + GST

“When you’re a leader, everyone is watching”

Mick Johnstone
Head of Projects, Energy Sector

When you’re a leader, everyone is watching you. The way you respond, even very subtly, has an impact on your team. I think my team has seen a change in the way I approach issues with them. I’ve shown them a lot more trust, and that’s been good for both me and them.

They’re now replicating that with their employees. This benefit has been a direct result of my working with Angela. I can absolutely see a return on investment of time and money. I’d certainly recommend Angela’s coaching to my peers because it’s been so valuable.

If you’re ready to ditch the stress and start taking ownership of your

leadership state so you can rise as a leader who makes an impact,

wherever you go ...