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At Equenti

We believe...

Creating diverse cultures, successful teams and engaged employees all starts with you.

The purpose of leadership coaching is to transform how you lead yourself and others so that your people can experience massive, positive and inspiring impact from your leadership. When that happens, watch your professional life get exponentially better, too.

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Angela Koning

Angela will work with you to challenge your thinking and behaviour, enhance your strengths and help you overcome barriers that are holding you back.

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Together, we will help you achieve:


Learn how you’re wired, discover your default leadership behaviours and understand the impact this has on you and others


Become behaviourally flexible and maintain a constructive leadership state in any situation


Engage and align your team for consistent, next-level results and celebrate your wins


Be an exemplary contributor to strategy development and execution across your organisation

Through Angela’s fantastic coaching and advice I was able to go from a complete novice in management to six months later feeling confident in leading my team and setting standards to ensure service growth and quality outcomes. Angela’s strategies are so practical you can take them straight to your workplace and implement them with ease. I leave the coaching experience with Angela a more confident and well rounded leader and have tapped into skills I didn’t think I possessed.

This professional development has flowed into my personal life and I am now a more confident self-assured person who has finally stopped listening to that nagging negative voice in his head and is ready to take on whatever work or life brings. Thank you, Angela.

Ryan DayActing Allied Health Manager, Uniting Care Health

The impact both from a personal and professional point of view has been incredible over the last 12 months. Through the coaching, I have been able to approach problems at work in a different light with more ‘mojo’ and energy to take on the most difficult situations. The work Angela has been able to do with me and the team has helped us set up the right plans and execute these to achieve the goals we set within our business plan.

Angela works by combining a little bit of theory with her insights and coaching questions to help you look inside yourself for the answers to what you are actually trying to achieve, as both a leader and as an individual. While this sometimes can be confronting and challenging it has helped me realise what I want to be as a leader, how I can communicate better, and how I should work with my team to achieve better results. I love the expression ‘leaning forward’ leadership which really sums up the work Angela does with you to achieve the best results.

Phillip MathaHead of Operations Performance, CS Energy

As a leader, I was facing a couple of challenges. One of them was getting my direct reports to work at the appropriate level. I found myself being drawn into the day to day and solving their problems for them. I wanted them to step up and lead and manage their own functions rather than relying on me to tell them how to solve their problems. By working with Angela on this issue we now have team members working at the right level and they are taking accountability and ownership of things and I now have the time to work at the level I need and want to work at as a leader.

Dave WarmanHead of Trading and Analytics - Energy Sector

By putting the tools Angela has taught me into practice, I feel like I’m building a more stable ‘leadership core’ so that I’m now more intentional about preparing my mindset for discussions with staff, confident to try out approaches and then learning from interactions, without being hard on myself.

I’ve gone from feeling overwhelmed, approaching burnout and ready to drop the role; to realising that I can do this and that I have a lot to contribute. I have really enjoyed Angela’s holistic approach to leadership development. She is intuitive and attentive, giving her whole self to the process.

AnonymousResearch Manager

I would highly recommend Angela if you're stuck in a rut, or have lost the former passion of your role.

Angela will push you to explore some of those more uncomfortable aspects of your own mindset, or behaviors, so you can turn the mirror on yourself and see what that impact is having on you and your team. She will also help you find the fun and motivation again, which is so rewarding and satisfying.

Brendan DayManager

The Equenti Coaching Model™

Personalised for your unique leadership challenges, we use our proven coaching model and corporately tested and valued frameworks to guide you on your self-leadership journey; teaching, coaching and supporting you to be more effective for yourself, your team and your organisation.

Equenti Leadership Coaching Model ™

Your transformation journey starts here

Using the Equenti Coaching Model we'll transform your leadership skills and people impact

Self Awareness

Learn how you're wired, discover your default leadership behaviours and understand the impact this has on you and others


We will give you the tools to become behaviourally flexible so that you can maintain a constructive leadership state in any situation

Team Leadership

Learn how to engage with your team and align them to achieve short- and long-term organisational goals for consistent, next-level results

Organisational Leadership

Learn how to be an exemplary contributor to strategy development and execution, your leadership team and organisation-wide initiatives
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Am I ready for Leadership Coaching?

Not everyone is ready for leadership coaching, and that’s totally okay. It’s not an easy journey, so you’ve got to really want it. We know you’re ready for coaching if:

• You’re tired of the results you’re getting, and you’re running out of inspiration or options to move forward

• You’re ready to learn about yourself and others, and get new models and frameworks that will move your thinking and leadership forward

• You’re okay with getting uncomfortable, because you know this is the indicator of learning and growth

• You are prepared to do the work to implement the outcomes we agree upon in coaching sessions. This isn’t a talk-fest – if you’re not ready to do the work, you’re not ready for coaching. #sorrynotsorry

• You’re ready for compassionate support and new information to fuel your growth, because let’s face it, what you’ve already tried isn’t working.

Your Leadership Coaching JourneyYour Leadership Coaching Journey
Equenti Leadership & Learning

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It all starts with you.
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