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At Equenti

We tailor our consulting approach especially to you

We diagnose exactly what’s happening with the people in your business, and create a custom strategy for you and your team based on your unique needs.

As we work together, we encourage you to think differently about people leadership and implement what we teach you straight away – then watch your results soar to new heights.

Our consulting approach focuses on boosting your bottom line results through more effective day-to-day people management, aligning strategy and structure and deliberately leveraging leadership and culture.

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Angela consults in the areas of:

  • Improving day-to-day people management

  • Design and execution of business strategy

  • Aligning people structure to deliver your strategy

  • Leadership development, and leadership team effectiveness

  • Deliberate culture creation and change

  • Team building and effectiveness

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Equenti's consulting approach is designed for leaders who are struggling with...

Day-to-Day People Management

Are you leaving productivity dollars on the table because your people aren't engaged?

Strategy & Structure

Is your strategy clear and does your people structure help deliver your plan?

Leadership & Culture

Does your leadership capability and organisational culture allow you to win in the market?

Angela has been working with the team for six months and the difference is tangible. The team are like sponges, absorbing the new ideas and tools that are helping them lead their teams much more successfully.
In my 20 years in healthcare management I have used many different leadership development coaches. Angela has been the best I have used. She is authentic, engaged and committed and brings such a great energy when she works with the team.

Darren Rogers MSc, Dip N, CCRN, GAICDGeneral Manager, St Stephen’s Hospital

The Equenti Consulting Model™

Personalised for your business's unique challenges, our proven consulting model propels you towards your goals. We'll help you understand how your leadership approach, strategy and culture affects your bottom line performance.

Equenti Consulting Model™

Your business's transformation journey starts here

Using the Equenti Consulting Model we'll structure a plan to transform your business performance.

Day to Day People Management

We establish the foundation with people policies and procedures, reviewing employment contracts, implementing performance management, talent and succession planning, employee relations strategy, remuneration management and the mechanics of day to day people management.

Strategy & Structure

We build strategic thinking skills which help you implement a sustainable cycle of strategic and operational planning. We help you align your structure to execute your strategy and measure the wins along the way.

Leadership & Culture

We get the people space humming through leadership development, team building and next-levelling your culture for massive improvements in employee engagement.
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The Equenti effect

The lasting impact of partnering with Equenti is in forever transforming the way you lead your people. You’ll get to know your team on a deeper level and discover their ‘mojo’ again – creating a unified culture and massive engagement and productivity gains.


  • A unified, engaged team of people who love coming to work
  • An workplace full of life, where people know their contribution counts
  • Leaders who work WITH their people to continually next-level performance
  • Foundational people systems actually supporting day-to-day business
  • Massive business wins are measured and celebrated with fun and energy

When you work with Equenti your set-point for success in business is forever raised to a higher standard. We help you to lay solid foundations for long-term results that extends long beyond our time together, making a lasting impression on your business results and growth.

We believe work should be fun and you should have fun with the people you work with.

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Angela Koning Leadership Coach

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