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Through uplifting presentations

Angela empowers leaders

sharing insights on her true purpose: self-leadership and the impact that both improved self-awareness and management can have on our personal and professional lives. She is approachable, relatable and refreshing in her manner and presentation style. Reinforcing the belief that self awareness is the first step in achieving success in business and in life, and reminding us why people are the secret sauce to success in business.
Angela captivates audiences with a range of thought-provoking and engaging topics such as:

Why performance management is dead!

  • If you need better performance from your team, performance management should be the very LAST resort. Angela explains how starting with your own leadership mojo can light up your team, and why this beats performance management every day of the week. Hands down.
The truth about Burnout and Leadership
  • You’ll be surprised to hear the truth about burnout. Having visited burnout herself, Angela finally tells the truth about why we choose this pattern (yes, we choose it) and why it has very little to do with managing the external factors such as working hours and EVERYTHING to do with understanding why we create and replicate unresourceful patterns of work.
Why mixing business and pleasure is essential for kick-arse leaders
  • If business and leadership aren’t FUN, then why are we doing it? Really, take a second to ask yourself that question. If you want better results in business and leadership, working harder is not the answer. But having more fun with things that truly light you up is exactly the remedy you need.
Are you killing your Leadership Mojo and don’t even know it?
  • Do you know the #1 Leadership Mojo killer for new leaders is overwhelm? OK, the truth is that you don’t even have to be a new leader to experience this frustrating, anxiety-inducing, mojo-killing sensation. Angela explains why leaders so easily fall into overwhelm, and most importantly, how to get out! And it doesn’t involve sleepless nights and long hours. Quite the opposite, in fact…
When the going gets tough, great leaders get lit!
  • When the conditions of life and business get tough, an average leader will wobble and fall into unresourceful patterns to manage the sensations of uncertainty. Great leaders know that when the going gets tough, this is when their teams need them the most. They switch on and get #lit. Want to know how? Angela has the recipe for you.
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