Hi there! Welcome to Equenti Leadership and Learning.

If you are reading this, it’s probably because you are a leader in business feeling like you’re not getting the best out of your team, and maybe you are concerned about being out of touch with your people? You’re not alone in feeling this way. Many leaders have fallen off course in their self-leadership journey and as a result are feeling disconnected with their teams, and struggling to serve their people. Without true understanding of your own leadership traits, you will struggle to connect with those around you, and productivity, motivation and business results will suffer.

At Equenti, our approach and our purpose is to get you back on your self-awareness journey and give you the tools, strategies and resources to lead your team. So you can BE a great leader, rather than just DO management stuff.

Who are we and what do we stand for?

Our mission is to guide corporate professionals and senior managers on a self-leadership journey that will see them leading themselves and their people with purpose; achieving success in business and in life.

Our passion for people and leadership drives us and our work.

We help educate and coach corporate and senior leaders, CEOs and HR Managers to BE great leaders, then we help you bring leadership to your team, every day. We give you the tools and mindset to create a culture that inspires and engages your team.

When leaders…

Feel more self aware and connected to their people, they achieve greater workplace engagement and increased results.

That has an overall impact on how they feel and how this in turn impacts their people – reflecting team culture and organisational leadership. As a result, they understand the full effect of what’s holding them back and learn to challenge themselves.

We are distinctive in our field because our strategies are unique, authentic and effective.

Because we equip leaders with the tools to manage self-leadership and understand what it feels like to BE a great leader FIRST before learning how to lead teams and organisations, and instil a productive workplace culture that becomes intrinsic throughout the team.

Equenti Leadership & Learning guides leaders on their self-leadership journey; teaching, coaching and supporting them on how they can be more effective for themselves, their teams and their organisations.

Through Equenti’s facilitation and consulting, leaders get to know their teams on a deeper level and uncover their elusive ‘mojo’ again. We believe work should be fun and you should have fun with the people you work with.

Meet Angela, Equenti’s Founder and Leadership Specialist

Angela Koning is a leadership expert based in Queensland, Australia. She specialises in guiding corporate professionals on a self-leadership journey that will see them leading themselves and their teams with purpose, and achieve success in business and in life.

Angela’s true purpose is educating others in self-leadership and facilitating the impact that both improved self-awareness and self-management can have on our professional and personal lives. Working closely with her clients, Angela creates a self-leadership journey that enables leaders to experience what it feels like to ‘be’ a great leader, equipping them with the tools to lead others around them.

Angela is accredited in Life Styles Inventory (LSI), Team Management Systems, DISC Advanced and ProSci Change Management. She has over 20 years’ experience in delivering proven HR methodologies to leaders and teams in corporate contexts, as well as creating engaging work environments and dynamic cultures through her ‘outside the box’ team building and culture training. When Angela isn’t working her magic with people and their organisations she is writing for Fraser Coast Chronicle as the newspaper’s regular columnist; sharing insights, tales and truths of leadership, life and business.

“Angela has a great talent at being able to think strategically and connect the people agenda to the broader company strategy. The result is a connection of well thought out people concepts that can be practically applied at various maturity levels.”

Tanya Absolon, Management Consultant, PWC Australia

If you had better self-awareness, what could you bring to your team each day?

Understand what it feels like to experience holistic self-awareness as a leader and implement improved self-leadership patterns immediately in both your leadership style and in your life as a whole.