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A warm, personalised conversation of approximately 30 minutes with a business friend who already believes you to be successful, making a positive difference in the world, and who is genuinely curious about how you approach leadership.

After a short introduction, expect three ‘layers’ of questions, followed by a parting statement that summarises your key message:

1. What impact are you desiring to have in the world, and why are you so passionate about it?

    • What have been your biggest wins? / What are the encouraging signs of change?
    • Biggest challenges and what did you learn?
    • How do you go about navigating the complexity of change?

2. How do you approach your leadership role?

    • Given the size of the challenge, how do you stay committed, passionate and inspired?
    • What is your approach to leading others?
    • How would you describe your leadership style?

3. What is your approach to leading yourself well?

    • How have you focussed on / improved your self-leadership over the years?
    • How you look after yourself and your energy now – e.g. self-care routines?
    • How do you switch off to recharge?

4. At the end of every episode, we ask:

What are the 2-3 most important things being asked / required of you as a leader in bringing about positive change in the world?


Quite simply, be fully present and available for a quality conversation which highlights the difference you’re making in the world, and celebrates you and your approach.

Some tips to help you feel prepared:

  • Find the quietest space in your office or home, where you won’t be interrupted. Don’t worry though, we can edit out traffic, barking dogs, etc.
  • We’ll record the interview via Zoom using video. This means that you might wish to prepare your ‘radio voice’ as well as your ‘television face’, as our video interview will be published on YouTube at some later point.
  • Eat, sleep and move your body well in the day/s prior. Meditate (if that’s your jam), walk on the grass, work out or do whatever it takes for you to feel grounded and present in the morning before our podcast interview.
  • Be prepared but unscripted for a beautiful, deep diving discussion.
  • You might like to make a few notes about key points you wish to mention and some stories which support them – equally, you might speak better ‘off the cuff’. It’s entirely up to you.
  • Relax. We’re showcasing your success, your passion and how you approach change making for a better world – and with this good intent, we’ll be sure to have a positive experience.

Remember, your success is already assumed and your personal story will allow others who are also making a positive difference in the world to be inspired, too.


1. What will we talk about?

We’ll talk about the difference you’re making in the world, the approach to leadership you deploy, and how you take care of yourself and your energy in the process.

2. How do I best prepare?

The most important advice I can give is to be fully present, grounded and calm, and set up in a quiet location. Be a little early so you’re not in a hurry. Make some preparatory notes if you like, or speak off the cuff – whatever is most comfortable for you.

3. How long will the interview be?

We’ll chat a little at the start, and record the interview for 30 mins. Allow 60 mins in total.

4. What if my dog barks, or there is outside noise?

These things happen! We will be able to edit out most background noise, however if anything major happens (fire alarm, horns, sirens etc) then we can simply pause our interview discussion until it resolves.

5. What if something goes off track, or I say things I might not want published?

If you’re overcome with a feeling of dread post-interview that you’ve disclosed something sensitive, first consider that we’re all human and that this might actually add depth and humanity to your story.

Should you be very concerned, talk with me about it and we’ll bounce some options around. If necessary, we can edit out the concerning part and leave the rest of the story intact.

6. What if I forget to say something important?

Let me know and I might be able to address it in the introduction or show notes. Or, come back again next season for another interview!

7. Can I hear the episode before it’s released?

We all get to hear the episode at the same time, as it’s launched. Exciting, huh?

8. Where can I listen to the podcast and my episode?

Spotify, Amazon and Apple Itunes and YouTube.

9. How will it be promoted?

We’ll be sharing posts and storis on social media (LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook), email marketing and word of mouth. You can help by sharing and promoting it too.

10. Can I help promote it?

Absolutely. We kinda hoped you’d share the heck out of it, on all your platforms, to be honest.

11. What might I get out of this experience, personally and professionally?

There’s something about reflecting upon and telling our stories that allows us to put our life and leadership experiences into perspective.

I hope that you will experience having your passion, commitment and leadership talents acknowledged and celebrated, that you will understand with fresh eyes (ears) how valuable your contribution is to the world, and how much you inspire me and others.

You might also get leads, collaborations and other offers from our audience. I’d love to see all of that, and more, for you.

12. What if I’ve worked with you before as a client, and I’d like to protect my confidential information?

If you don’t want our professional relationship mentioned, just say so in our early communications and I’ll absolutely honour this.

We also want to be authentic, so if we’ve known each other personally or professionally for a while, there might be a natural way for us to acknowledge this without specificity.