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By February 11, 2020September 7th, 2021No Comments
inspired leadership

Want to know the #1 secret to inspired leadership in 2020?……….

Find something that lights you up!

Last year, I conducted more than 500 coaching conversations with corporate leaders at all levels, and there is a common theme when it comes to inspired leadership.

Inspired leaders take care of the four domains of internal leadership – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. This means they are mentally engaged in contemporary thinking in their discipline, they are physically energised, emotionally well and spiritually grounded, clear and feeling alive.

Uninspired or burnt-out leaders are not taking care of their leadership mojo. They are depleted, protecting their dwindling energy by disengaging with thought leadership, recovering on the couch on weekends, distracting themselves from tricky emotional upsets, and they’ve forgotten (if they ever knew) what really lights them up and makes them feel alive.

So, what is it for you? Surfing, singing, meditation, running, volunteering?

So many leaders are approaching burnout and are only occasionally inspired when external conditions in their team or organisation are good, because they’re not feeding their mojo.

If you want to be consistently inspired in leadership, reach out for a convo.

? Me, feeding my leadership mojo.