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By November 9, 2022No Comments
Leadership Coach Brisbane
Leadership isn’t big, sweeping decisions. It’s lots of little ones. Daily.
Here are some that sprung to my mind, recently. ? Which is your fave?
1. You already know what to do. Quiet your mind, and listen.
2. Everyone wobbles sometimes, and you’re allowed to take a moment to steady yourself.
3. We create our own certainty. No one else can do this for us – and if they say they can, it’s worth nothing.
4. It’s always your job to decide the next right action.
5. Sometimes taking no action is the next right action.
6. Sometimes resting, walking away, sleeping or meditating is the next right action.
7. Discern what’s right versus what’s expected. They’re rarely the same thing.
8. Your body will tell you when you’re in alignment with your integrity. Listen and respond accordingly.
9. The more we compete against our peers, the less competitive we’ll be.
10. The more we seek permission, the less permission we’ll receive.
11. Your team is always watching, even when you think they’re not. Remember that.
12. The more we ask our boss for direction, the less power and influence we’ll have.
13. Go to the heart of the matter and kindly speak the truth.
14. There’s more than enough space for everyone to lead.
15. Prioritise YOU and yours before work, the reverse never works.
16. You’re the same person at home and at work. Allow the real you to come forward.
17. Striving and pushing is a signal that you’re out of alignment.
18. Every time you speak, lift others up with your words. Else, shut up.
19. You’re more powerful than you think.
20. You’re hugely valuable in the marketplace. And if you should doubt or forget that, it could be time to find another marketplace.
If you are looking to create more impact from your leadership decision-making, give me a call.