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sme leadership

What happens to SMEs at $5-10m turnover or 20-50 staff?

If you’re a small to medium enterprise, there’s a leadership tipping point you need to be ready for – specifically, it’s when your business outgrows the technical expertise on which it was founded.

Yeah, you had a great idea that leveraged your skills and passion. The business grew and shiz got real with the systems and processes needed to support it.

Here are the most common problems I see in SMEs as a leadership coach and trainer:

  • organisation STRUCTURE, role design and role clarity starts to bite, coz your startup model is now full of inefficiencies
  • you’re faced with the real issue of sustaining CULTURE, morale and engagement
  • you need to engage your people in strategic PLANNING and efficient execution
  • your leadership team needs to work together and be, well… LEADERS, rather than technical experts
  • you need to build CAPABILITY to grow the business and frankly, take a holiday yourself occasionally.

If these problems are resonating with you, reach out for a convo. I’ve got a straightforward $10K offer going for:

✅ 6 months leadership coaching
✅ Leadership team building session
✅ Strategic planning session

Can your SME leadership team be better leaders? Let’s chat.