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Building and Sustaining Resilient Communities with Professor Cheryl Desha | Episode 07

By October 18, 2023No Comments
Building and Sustaining Resilient Communities with Professor Cheryl Desha

In this episode, Professor Cheryl Desha, a renowned leader in the fields of resilient communities and resilient infrastructure, shares her unique perspective on resilience, emphasising the importance of flexibility, adaptability and understanding the systems and context in which we live. Her mission is to drive positive change in decision-making processes and make a global impact. A significant part of Professor Desha’s work involves helping communities plan for and recover from disasters.

Join us as we learn more about Professor Desha’s leadership style and her appetite for building leaders and nurturing community.


In this episode:

  • Professor Desha’s journey and passion for sustainable development and resilience
  • Creating a space for learning and inquiry
  • The need for integrated decision support systems
  • Collaboration and alliances for addressing complex problems
  • Finding inspiration and purpose in disaster management and resilience
  • Professor Desha’s personal Growth – leading others, building community, and nurturing research.



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