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Critical Thinking Skills for the Leadership of Change with Jesse Richardson | Episode 04

By August 23, 2023No Comments
Critical Thinking Skills for the Leadership of Change with Jesse Richardson

In this episode, Jesse Richardson shares his unique way of teaching the next generation how to think independently. Jesse encourages the future leaders to challenge the mainstream way of thinking, and apply both divergent and convergent thinking. By asking questions openly, and not defensively, we can generate positive mindset and cultural shifts. When it comes to business and leadership, Jesse believes these three character traits are important: dogged determination, grandiose ambition and having a vision.


In this episode:

  • What is missing in the education system and how it frustrates the progress of divergent thinkers 
  • Jesse’s epiphany moment that led him to founding the School of Thought in 2015
  • The importance of synthesizing the divergent (ie creative) and convergent (ie analytical) thinking
  • The biggest successes of Jesse’s various ventures, including being featured in the World Economic Forum and Forbes
  • The Scout Mindset vs. The Soldier Mindset
  • The challenges in leading the complex social change around critical thinking
  • Jesse’s experience of neurodiversity and its impact on his life
  • Jesse’s approach to self-leadership as a neurodivergent thinker
  • How business has changed after the pandemic
  • The most important leadership traits we need to bring about positive change in the world



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