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Facilitating complex conversations with Nick Rakis | Episode 09

By December 4, 2023No Comments
Facilitating complex conversations with Nick Rakis

In this episode, we talk to Nick Rakis, a Venture Architect and partner at Accelio, about stakeholder engagement for complex projects. We discuss the key elements for a successful collaborative process as well as the importance of designing for desired outcomes and the challenges of different groups. 


We also delve into Nick’s personal approach to helping leaders drive positive change. Learn how you, too, can create a positive and engaged stakeholder experience through this conversation.


In this episode:

  • The importance of stakeholder engagement
  • Clarifying the purpose and goals of facilitated workshops
  • Different types of leaders and their approach to facilitation
  • The misconceptions about collaboration, and the need for process discipline and standards 
  • Collaboration within a structured container for effective workshops
  • Trust, accountability, and transparency in a high-stakes project 
  • The evolution of Accelio
  • Nick’s leadership style and wellbeing approaches.



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