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The purpose of leadership coaching is to transform how you see and lead yourself and others so that your people can experience massive, positive and inspiring impact from your leadership. When that happens, watch your professional life get exponentially better, too.

So, how do you know if leadership coaching is for you? If you’re experiencing any of the following, then leadership coaching can help:

  • You’re a leader, but not 100% confident that you’re doing this leadership stuff well
  • You’re a technical expert with deep knowledge and operational experience and have found yourself leading other real, live humans
  • You have a new leadership role, and you’re feeling the pressure to build relationships and deliver
  • You have a consultative, supportive leadership style but need to get comfortable with being more directive and engaging, because sometimes your team just aren’t doing the right work
  • You have a directive, lively leadership style but sometimes find that your people seem too scared of you to truly engage or challenge you with honesty
  • You are a seasoned leader but have trouble really connecting with your team, or results are inconsistent
  • You’ve got a hard-to-manage person (or more than one?) in your team and it’s creating conflict and affecting your team’s mojo
  • You’re fire-fighting daily on low-level operational and administrative details, so you don’t get time to do important, strategic and value-adding work
  • You don’t feel like you can properly delegate work to your team, so you’re overwhelmed with detail
  • You’re stepping down to do the work of your team (because they need you, and you’re capable of things they aren’t), which doesn’t leave enough time for true leadership work
  • Your team is working hard, but they are really just ‘treading water’ without much forward progress
  • Work of the team is ‘happening’, but not in a planned, consistent way where progress is consistent, tangible and measurable
  • Sometimes leadership feels great, and sometimes you feel wobbly as a leader – you want greater consistency

Coaching is 100% confidential, and informed by contemporary, corporately-valued models, theories and frameworks which you can immediately convert into practical action to create tangible results. You’ll experience compassion, challenge and truly valuable, implementable learning.

And by the way, the most wonderful signpost for deep learning is some mental wrestling and discomfort – so if you’re looking for a fluffy, cruisey, learn-without-challenge coaching experience… well, you’ve come to the wrong place. 

Our approach encompasses a mix of pure coaching, as well as mentoring. What’s the difference, you ask?

Coaching is ‘client-led’, relies on the assumption that all the answers reside within you, and that asking the right questions will extract those insights. 

Mentoring is ‘expert-led’ where the mentor offers new ways of thinking, tools and frameworks from the zone of their expertise to boost your leadership thinking and toolkit. 

When you’re working with Equenti Leadership and Learning, expect both coaching and mentoring. It’s the way we roll, and we know our leadership stuff.

If you’d like to explore leadership coaching with Angela from Equenti Leadership & Learning, reach out for a conversation.

We also invite you to download our free leadership development resources.