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Net Zero as a Winning Business Strategy with Nick Palousis | Episode 05

By September 6, 2023No Comments
Net Zero as a Winning Business Strategy with Nick Palousis

In this episode, we speak with Nick Palousis, an engineer and climate-tech entrepreneur. Join us as we delve into Nick’s journey into sustainability, where he unveils his endeavours in catalyzing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) transformation. Nick shares his mission to guide businesses on the path to achieving net zero emissions. Find out Nick’s approach to consulting to industry on ESG and what drives him in that process.


In this episode:

  • Nick shares his background and what led him to devote himself to sustainability change
  • The biggest wins of change that he has had in helping organizations build roadmaps to get to net zero
  • Nick’s process and approach to help big businesses to create change
  • The stages that businesses move through as they begin to incorporate ESG into their framework
  • Nick’s thoughts on balancing the ESG agenda with profit
  • The biggest challenges about leading complex ESG change in business and the lessons he has learned so far
  • Social sustainability and personal sustainability
  • Improving his self-leadership over the years
  • The most important thing being required of someone as a leader bringing about positive change in the world



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